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Hot Crystal Massage Diploma


You must hold the following level of qualification before undertaking this course:

- Holistic Massage Diploma, ITEC Level 3 or equivalent
- Crystal Healing Practitioners Diploma

Qualification attained at the end of this course:

Accredited Diploma

Course duration: 1 day


Accredited Massage Courses already runs Hot Stone Massage.  How does Hot Crystal Massage differ from that?  Crystal therapy is a complementary therapy using natural rocks, polished tumble stones (crystals) to treat auric fields and the chakras.  It is believed that if our auric field remains intact, disease will not occur.  Crystals vibrate and therefore can positively work on the electric magnetic field which is the aura/energy surrounding our bodies.

Crystals touching the skin can have a profound effect not only spiritual but also in a musculoskeletal way.  Many conditions can be treated and that is why this treatment is so much more preferable to Hot Stone Massage, as the lava stones do not hold any healing properties themselves.

Appropriate crystals are selected to work with any of the conditions the client presents with, be this high blood pressure, muscle injuries, joint problems, the lymphatic system, connective tissues, spiritual or energetic. 

The crystals are carefully warmed in a bowl of warm oil, heated by a candle.  The same principle as an oil burner, only applied on a larger scale.  The therapist will then use the warm crystals and the oil to massage the client with.  An additional benefit from the crystals being warmed up in oil is that their healing properties are taken up by the oil so that the oil in itself becomes a healing oil.  This works very much on the same principle as Aromatherapy.

During the course you will learn:
• How to set up your Hot Crystal Massage Table
• How to work safely with hot crystals and oil
• To work with specific crystal gemstones, spheres, massage wands, thumb stones, chakra stones
• Which crystals to use for specific conditions
• A full hot crystal full body massage

The course is for qualified massage therapists who are also qualified in crystal therapy/healing.  (Accredited Massage Courses runs a 2 days course in Crystal Healing for those who need to attain that qualification first.)


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