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ITEC Sports Massage Level 4 Certificate


You must hold a Level 3 qualification before taking this course.  Please see below for details.

Qualification attained:    ITEC Sports Massage Certificate, Level 4

Course duration:             14 contact days over a 9 month period

QCF Qualification No:     QAN: 501/0942/X





Why study ITEC Sports Massage courses?  What is QCF?

The Qualifications Credits Frameword (QCF) is a system devised by Ofqual (the UK government’s appointed regulator for education and training) that enables you to compare courses from different providers, as each course will be based on the same syllabus and will cover an agreed set of learning outcomes. All ITEC courses conform to the QCF.  Each course is assigned a "Level" which makes it comparable with other QCF registered courses of the same level from other providers.  

Some widely available massage qualifications are not QCF registered, but their providers nevertheless allocate a "level" to their courses.  This may be confusing, as they are not registered with Ofqual - something which may not be immediately apparent - and are therefore not easily comparable with other courses.

You can search for QCF registered courses at Ofqual’s website HERE (click on the link and search for "sports massage") or ask the provider of a course you are considering to tell you the QCF Qualification Number.

ITEC qualifications ARE all registered with Ofqual and they DO conform to the QCF.  They have the added advantage of being recognized in many other countries around the world.  That’s why we decided to teach ITEC courses at Accredited Massage Courses.


Sports Massage Level 4 at Accredited Massage Courses

Many students look for a "fast-track" option for Sports Massage, but at Level 4 that's not possible.  

The format of this course enables students to attain their ITEC Sports Massage Level 4 Diploma in about 9 months.  We have changed the delivery format recently to make it easier for working people to attend.  It now involves 1 weekend per month for the first four months, then 4 revision days over the remaining time.  At the end of the 9 months there are two more days for the mock and final exams. 

You will find other colleges that claim to get you through this course in three months.  While this course is not academically burdensome, the course is about you "growing" as a therapist.  You need time to get used to the techniques you're learning, to practise them and to include them in your therapeutic repertoire.  It's not feasible to do this in just 3 months.  It no longer requires as much coursework as it used to (before the changes to the course that were introduced in 2015).  There are now 10 case studies to carry out and there is no longer a requirement for the voluntary work that was once required.  But time is required to consolidate all the knowledge that you acquire on the course. 

The ITEC Sports Massage Level 4 Diploma is provides an excellent opportunity for the qualified Massage Therapist to further his or her knowldege of body therapy.  During the course, students will learn special techniques that can be applied to a variety of common sporting injuries and conditions appropriate to Sport Massage and cover a wide range of topics relevant to sports and exercise, including:

  • The changes that occur during exercise to the muscular system.
  • The physiology of a muscle cell.
  • The effects of stress on muscles during sport.
  • The origin, insertion and action of a wide range of muscles.
  • The changes that occur during exercise to the neurological system.
  • The stresses and strains put on the spine and joints during sporting activities
  • The possible causes and effects of a variety of diseases and disorders
  • The principles of sports training
  • The stages of the healing process and the possible treatments available.
  • The use of preventative and rehabilitative training to reinforce massage treatments.
  • Methods of consultation
  • The selection of appropriate massage, according to the client's condition and needs.
  • A knowledge of common sports injuries that can be treated after medical approval.

The first 8 contact days (4 weekends) are very practical and "hands-on".  Students will be guided through the more theoretical aspects of the Sports Massage Syllabus, but will be expected to undertake much of the studying required in their own time. Contact days will be primarily practical.

The next 4 days are revision tutorials, during which students will go over everything they have been taught and apply it in practice.

The final 2 days are for the compulsory mock exam and the externally examined final exam.

The ITEC Sports Massage Level 4 Diploma course will allow successful students to joint the Sports Massage Association (SMA) with Full Membership.

The full ITEC syllabus for this course can be found here: ITEC Sports Massage Level 4 Syllabus

Pre-requisite Qualifications

This is not an entry-level qualification, so students must hold a Level 3 qualification in massage before they can take this course.  After changes that were made in 2015, students are required to have Sports Massage Level 3, but we accept people onto this course who hold either Massage Level 3 or Sports Massage Level 3.

This means that students who do not already hold Sports Massage Level 3 will have to take their Sports Massage Level 3 and Level 4 exams on the same day.  It's not something to worry about.  It just means there's a little more work to do towards the end of the course.



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