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Crystal Healing Practitioners Diploma



You must hold the following level of qualification before undertaking this course:

NONE (however an understanding of Anatomy and Physiology is an advantage)

Qualification attained at the end of this course:

DIPLOMA accredited by IPTI

Course duration:   2 DAYS, plus case-studies


Crystal Healing Therapy uses gentle and non-invasive healing through transmission of energy, vibration, resonance and colour. Using the energy generated by specific crystals, we can learn to re-balance well-being of the mind, body & spirit. Crystals & gemstones are highly versatile and can be used powerfully on their own or combined with many other holistic therapies. Crystal Healing is safe to use and ideal when certain conditions or circumstances restrict the application of other therapies.

The Crystal Healing Practitioners Diploma has been devised with the intention to provide an affordable and achievable diploma in Crystal Healing Therapy. The course will explore:

  • Crystal Structures
  • Working with energy
  • Chakras
  • Causes of disease
  • Cleansing
  • Choosing, attuning and dedicating crystals
  • Crystal layouts
  • Dowsing with pendulums and using crystal wands
  • Gem water essences
  • and much more with plenty of 'hands-on' practice.

After 2 days' training, you will be required to carry out 3 sets of case studies and build your own personal crystal directory in order to gain confidence and insight into Crystal Healing. 



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